Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wk2 Leadership Blog Post

Hello my cohort and faculty staff--

As per the Wk2 Leadership Blog Post requirements, we were to spell out where we wanted to publish/present our Leadership Projects, listing out at least two possibilities and why. However, I am a few steps ahead. As I mentioned in my previous Wk1 Leadership Blog Post, I have already submitted an application to a conference that had a May 7th deadline. 

The Illinois Education & Technology Conference (IETC) is reputably known for its success in giving those committed to accelerating student achievement an opportunity to gain information and exchange ideas on the applications of educational technologies in our classrooms and communities. I had my heart set on IETC, because it was a unique opportunity and exposure to perform my unique workshop that engaged my state's technology leaders, visionaries, and pioneers to harness music's incredible power to instruct, inspire, and uplift our communities. My workshop will be a combination of cycles 1 and 2 of my AR, in which I will again utilize music technology to promote ethics and social morality amongst inner-city low-income adults. What really sold me was that this year, IETC 2012 is for the first-time ever including one pre-conference day offering nothing but full-day workshops. I've always been a firm advocate of applied learning being the best form of learning, in comparison to conference lectures. Also, the regional conference is about a few hour's drive from Chicago at Illinois' state capital, Springfield. Seeing as I'm only 24, I felt it would be more assuring to start off my workshop at the regional level, as opposed to the national level. 

The IETC 2012 presentations will be evaluated and posted on their website at the end of May 2012! That's some fast working evaluation committee, I must say. Let's hope for the best in my submission getting accepted! 

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