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"It wouldn't be fair to write about each chapter, because they are linked to each other and it should be treated as a whole." -- Loved this sentence, Rodolfo. Very great are right. At the end of this week's reading, the underlying message to cultivate an open mind to possibilities and universal impact are all interconnected between the chapters. I shared the same deep reflection that the chapters bestowed upon me. I personally do not know how you judged others or how others judged you in the past, but I can clearly attest that you have given myself and all of our cohort an A since day 1. Your great sense of humor and positive optimism can be tracked in every wimba session you attended since Month 1. I can not think of no better contribution than your gift of impartial conversation. Salud!

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Wk2 Reading Blog: The Art of Possibility: Stepping into Life...

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Yesterday I finished reading the first four chapters of "The Art of Possibility" and it blew me away.  I learned that we must be open to looking at live with a positive perspective.  We must open the possibility to us and those who are around us to do their best, to feel that we contribute to the bitterness of the people who are around us, to create a positive impact, and lasting impression to students, family, friends, etc.

It wouldn't be fair to write about each chapter, because they are linked to each other and it should be treated as a whole. And these are the first four chapters, I can't imagine the rest of the book. Every sentence that I read, every paragraph made me reflect and think of how I judge those who are around me, and those that judge me.  Did I received an A? Did I gave an A?  I was impressed how students attitude in the music class improved when they were told that they had an A, but, they have to justify why, by writing a letter saying how they changed to the better as a person after taking the class, and how they contribute to each others improvement.

Chapter 3 was like a hook to the jaw and knocking me down, like the question of which musician or song touched me deeply. Well, this chapter did. I began to reflect on my life and of those that are not around me and those who still are.  This chapter, and the rest of the book can be applied to school, work(for those nagging bosses), sports, everything.

I hope that this week's reading open a world of possibilities to you....Salud!!!!

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