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May 24, 2012 @ 14:35:46
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Hello Golda, this is an excellent blog post and parallel to the WE story. Thank you for sharing your deep affection for the bond you have with your spouse. So often in life, people are searching to find someone to “complete” them. Yet that’s a total mistake, as we should rather connect with those that “complement” us. The easy-flowing communication, trust, and admiration you and your spouse have for each other is very inspiring and something a great deal of people in this world never get blessed to find in this lifetime. Wishing you many more years of happiness and success.

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wk4 reading: Art of Possibility – The WE Story

marriageTelling the WE story has me reflecting on my marriage. We have been together for 15+ years. Part of our success is the ability to communicate. We talk about everything including small talk. Topics will vary and sometimes we will argue. Even though we may argue about things, we tend to in the end come up with the possibility of agreeing to disagree. It is because of this philosophy, we find that we cannot stay angry at one another. Agreeing to disagree allows for mutual respect. It is this mutual respect that gives us our inner strength within our relationship. Another thing that made us stronger is that we were friends first and later to become best friends. Best friends do everything together and support one another in their endeavors. I truly believe that I would not have reached my goal of obtaining a second Masters degree if we did not go through it together. It was the support network that we had that enabled me to achieve this goal. Now we will go through the process of working toward me gaining employment once my goal of this degree is obtained.


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