Thursday, May 24, 2012

MAC Wimba Week 4

Hello all, 

I can't believe this will be my last blog post for my MAC course. I will make it as meaningful as I can. Unfortunately, I was not able to attend Wimba last night due to a prior work commitment. Though seeing my charming cohort collaborating and laughing together, made me just that much more excited to finally meet them all at the end of next month for graduation! 

Joe, thank you for an exceptional Month 11. It was one of those courses that initially I had no idea what to expect and had no choice but to 'go with the flow'. This turned out to be an awesome course, and what better way to conclude it than celebrate the tremendous impact The Art of Possibility has made on each and every one us. This book was definitely a great motivation to keep pushing forward with the heart to pioneer and reform with all of the awesome, new emerging tools and trends we have acquired in the EMDT program. Especially, since we are applying these emerging tools and trends amidst a stagnant world and work environment that does not permit or welcome these changes.

I like how my cohort was able to collaboratively discuss their greatest takeaways from this book and submit text-based feedback on various topics. Since I was not able to attend, here are my responses. 

My favorite chapter and why: Chapter 7 --"The Way Things Are". The Downward Spiral Talk vs. Conversations for Possibility really came into play in my life this week. I was invited to attend a major Chicago startup career fair this Tuesday. Of the 15 startups that were going to be present, I had initially researched what positions they were mostly looking to hire. Most of the positions were software development, sales, and marketing. My experience is mostly design. I was this close to talking myself into not going, because I felt I had nothing valuable I could offer. However, I embraced the silver lining, told myself 'Shrav...You're brilliant. You're charming. You're an invaluable asset'. Hence, I printed out multiple copies of my resume, got my business cards ready, put my suit on, and went to the fair. I'm sure glad I did. I made a lot of great new contacts, simply by networking and having a casual conversation. I had a great desire to learn as much about these startups as I could, and I impressed a few recruiters. Thanks to this chapter, I will ALWAYS avoid the downward spiral, that excludes POSSIBILITY, and embrace OPPORTUNITIES with conversations for possibility. 

What things I am going to take from the reading and use in my teaching and my life: The most amazing thing I will take away from this reading is 1) not take myself so darn seriously all the time and 2) not get so hung up on accomplishing multiple life goals and objectives. This was a great wake-up call that I absolutely needed to start simplifying my life again and enjoy all that life had to offer. Life truly can be like a beach chair, if we allow it to be. Sure, the rest of the world will not stop competing amongst one another and outdoing each other, but I refuse to burn out over time in the same fashion others will. My life is about MY journey, not the same traditional journey to get to the same idealized destination in society that everyone else strives for.

You know, I would not have been able to reflect so deeply on these questions, if it were not for the Jonathan Coulton songs that Joe always plays during Wimba. These songs makes Wimbas much more pleasurable and entertaining. I especially loved the song about Coulton's love for his laptop. 

Lastly, it was VERY nice to be reminded that the reflection page on our AR site must be completed before month 12 begins, and that our final presentation page on our AR site must be completed during month 12. Thanks for the reminder,  Joe, and thank you, Golda, for asking that very crucial question!

Thank you for reading, and see you all in Month 12! Only 35 more days, 850 hours, and 51,053 minutes til graduation...woot! 



  1. Shrav,

    Sounds like exciting times in Chicago. I am glad you went to the start up fair! I can’t believe you almost talked yourself out of it. You should always embrace the “art of possibility”. I especially love the motivational speech you gave yourself ☺. After reading this book whenever I start to say something negative my brain does a quick mental slap and says quit talking like that, no downward spiral talk here. I immediately stop and think how can I turn this around so it is not negative. I love this awareness again this chapter reinforces my email to my administrators stating this book needs to be a staff read!

    Thanks for the countdown! You brilliant, charming cohort! ☺

    1. Thanks, Tricia! I smiled when you talked about the quick mental slap you give yourself when something negative attempts to trickle into your brain. In spite how expensive the plane tickets and hotel reservations were for graduation, I'm sure it will end up being a moment you will always treasure!

  2. Wonderful (and meaningful) reflection on the wimba archive and how it literally effected you... ain't life great when we step out of the usual and encounter the wonderful?